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At Bellevue Floor Service, we make hardwood floors suitable for framing, offering installation, sanding, refinishing and repair. Exotic hardwoods and custom stains are our specialty
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Wood Flush Vents & Cold Air Returns

Register Vents

For those with forced-air heating systems, those vents can be built into your new floor. You can choose from rectangular or round flush mount as well as self-rimming, each offering various advantages.

Square Flush Mount

These have a frame that is built into the floor. They sit flush with 3/4” hardwood flooring. They are designed to lay flat with the surface of wood flooring, providing a smooth and seamless look. Each frame is grooved on the outside to accommodate most 3/4” tongue and groove flooring, although it is not required for installation. It is recommended that this floor register be installed during the installation of your hardwood floor. Flush mount vents add the perfectly finished touch to your hardwood flooring.

Round Flush Mount

These are great for adding a decorative feel to your vent system. All round vents come in an “insert” or a “flush with frame” style. Overall dimensions of all the round vents is approximately 6-3/4″ square.


These covers are the kind you likely have in your floor now. They are available in a wood-like design, as well as the metal version commonly used on carpeted floors. We do not recommend the metal vent covers as they may lead to scratching the finish of the floor.

Cold Air Returns

Flush Model

For cold air return using 3/4″ floors, the traditional egg-crate style with a 3/8″ wide web (see photo) is ideal. The open area of the flush model is the size of the opening, to which 1″ wide ends and rails are added and fully doweled to each of the web members. Frames are cut from 1 1/4″ wide stock, doweled at each corner. The frame is glued and blind-nailed to the subfloor and the flooring fitted into it. When flushing is complete, the grill is placed in the frame.

Insert Model

For applications in floors of any thickness, the insert model can be used (see photo). With eased lip 1/4″ thick and 3/4″ wide, it will overlap any hole. Fluted dowels secure each web to the 1 1/4″ wide side rails and end pieces.