Custom Hardwood Flooring Installation | Flooring Repair Services Bellevue, WA
At Bellevue Floor Service, we make hardwood floors suitable for framing, offering installation, sanding, refinishing and repair. Exotic hardwoods and custom stains are our specialty
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Trust the services of one of the region’s most renowned hardwood floor companies. With decades of experience in the building industry, Bellevue Floor Service has literally turned the building of hardwood floors into a form of art. See what they could do for you:

New Hardwood Flooring

No hardwood floor is the same as another. The type of wood, placement of the boards, depth of the sanding, color of the stain, and style of the finish combine to create a floor that is one of a kind. While there are so many different things that go into a beautiful hardwood floor made by Bellevue Floor Service, there is one thing that remains constant – the craftsmanship. Each floor is made with a level of craftsmanship reserved for fine furniture. Attention is made to every seam, every cut. Like a work of art, each hand-selected board is arranged so that the resulting sequence of grains and textures create a masterpiece, ready for your enjoyment and your guest’s appreciation.

Existing Floors – Sanding & Refinishing

Bellevue Floor Service excels in sanding and finishing floors. In addition to standard smooth sanding, we utilize a wide range of highly-specialized techniques including wire brush and distressing to give the surfaces a truly unique style. With this we also offer custom stains (see below) to match other floors in your home or a specific color you happen to like.

Custom-Mixed Stains

Bellevue Floor Service specializes in custom-mixed stains. You can have any color you want. There’s no running down to the Home Depot for them. You can choose from a wide range of color choices or just give their experts a color sample. Bellevue Floor Service will create that color, using the finest oil or water-based stains. Simple as that.

Hardwood Flooring Retrofit

Seamlessly matching the hardwood of an addition can be a daunting task. Not so for Bellevue Floor Service. Through careful selection of board size and style, combined with custom matching the color of the existing floor, the flooring experts at Bellevue Floor Service can build a new floor that looks the same as the old. It is unlikely that any visitor will see the difference.


There is nothing more beautiful than a hardwood staircase rising from one floor to the next. Bellevue Floor Service can take that tired old staircase and give it new life. They will carefully sand, stain, and refinish your stairs, giving attention to every joint and seam. They can also replace treads, risers, nosing, and other components of your staircase.

Gymnasium Flooring Installation & Repair

These floors get a lot of wear. Over time they may need to be repaired and refinished. Bellevue Floor Service has a considerable amount of experience in working with school administrators and school schedules to make necessary repairs to this important area. They are adept at replacing boards to match existing hardwoods. Their finishing techniques will create the hardest possible surface, giving your new floor a long, satisfying life.

Flush Mount Vents

For those with forced hot air vents in their floors, there are many different options. Flush mount vent covers can be installed in your new floors, maintaining the same smooth finish of your new floor. These vents have a frame that is built into the floor, with the covers sitting inside the frame so that it remains flush with the flooring. These vents can also be installed in existing floors if those floors are being refinished.

Engineered Floors

There are many different types of high-quality engineered flooring. Engineered wood flooring is constructed from multiple plies of wood with a solid wood top layer. Below the top layer are cross layers of plywood that are pressed to create a strong, stable core. At the bottom is a hardwood backing. Engineered planks can be used anywhere you would use a natural board. Ideal applications are finished basements and other areas of extreme moisture.

Base Shoe Installation

Once the floor is complete, you may wish to have the molding replaced around the base of your trim. This is a service the installation team can provide for you, matching the paint or stain you have on the coinciding trim.