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At Bellevue Floor Service, we make hardwood floors suitable for framing, offering installation, sanding, refinishing and repair. Exotic hardwoods and custom stains are our specialty
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Our Process

Bellevue Floor Service welcomes the opportunity to work with you, creating a hardwood floor that will serve you well for decades to come. This is the process you can expect from their professional staff:

Step 1: Estimate

With your initial contact, you will be directed to answer a few questions about your project. Bellevue Floor Service will schedule a visit to review your project, providing you with an accurate, detailed estimate of all anticipated costs.

Step 2: Scheduling

With an accurate understanding of the project and approved estimates, the work will be scheduled to begin as quickly as possible.

Step 3: Prior to Start

A deposit and signed agreement are required prior to commencement. It’s also important for the area to be cleared of all furniture and appliances. They will have previewed the area during the onsite estimating and will advise you of all that needs to be removed prior to start.

Step 4: Material Acclimation

Most wood arrives from the distributor at a moisture level suitable for most home installations.

Step 5: Installation

Bellevue Floor Service will arrive promptly at 8 a.m. on each scheduled day of installation, ending at 4 p.m. They will work to keep the rest of your home as undisturbed as possible. They will communicate with you as to the progress and include you in all decisions.

Step 6: Dust and Touch Up

The use of “reduced dust” sanding methods will minimize accumulation of dust within your home. If you have glass items or electronic equipment, it is best to temporarily relocate those items until after the work is completed.

Step 7: The Finish Coat

There are many kinds of finishes. Each generates varying amounts of fumes and drying times. When the finish coat is applied, you may need to vacate the house for a previously determined period. It’s also extremely important to avoid walking on the wet finish or touching it.

Step 8: Billing

The unpaid balance is due upon completion of the project.

Step 9: Maintenance Tips

The best way to maintain a hardwood floor is the old-fashioned way, with water and vinegar. It is always best to avoid commercial hardwood floor cleaners. Please contact us directly with any questions, anytime in the future.