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At Bellevue Floor Service, we make hardwood floors suitable for framing, offering installation, sanding, refinishing and repair. Exotic hardwoods and custom stains are our specialty
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About Us

Wood is created by nature. Tiny saplings, over long periods of time, growing into huge trees. It takes ten, twenty, even forty years for a tree to reach maturity. Over time it is the quality of the soil, amount of rain, and so many other aspects of nature that shape the tree from the inside out. Because of this, no two trees are alike. The pattern in the grain, number and size of knots, as well as the tone of the wood all come together to give each tree a character all its own.

Making things with wood is both a science and a craft. It requires the ability to take what nature has created, with all its eccentricities, and use it to create something that is both beautiful and strong. When done well the result can be as beautiful as any fine piece of art and as long lasting as the trees it came from. Bellevue Floor Service crafts beautiful, durable floors made of wood because they understand the science. They know how to choose the best hardwoods to maximize the strength and beauty. They have the ability to cut and shape the wood to a perfect fit. Their understanding of sanding and finishing is unmatched by anyone else in the industry. When their work is complete, the floor you have under your feet for many years to come will be a fine work of art, suitable for framing.