Hardwood Flooring Installation | Refinishing Services in Bellevue, WA
Bellevue Floor Services installs hardwood floors suitable for framing. Our services include: installation, sanding, refinishing, staining and repair. Choose from a wide variety of hardwoods and stain solutions, exotic and domestic hardwoods, pre-mixed and custom stains.
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Daniel and Bellevue Flooring do a great job efficiently and expertly. They quickly brought life back to our old dilapidated hardwood floors at a reasonable price. Perhaps the best investment I made in my life! Bellevue Flooring does a five-star job!

About Us

Bellevue Floor Service crafts beautiful, durable floors made of wood because they understand the science. They know how to choose the best hardwoods to maximize the strength and beauty.


Trust the services of one of the region’s most renowned hardwood floor companies. With decades of experience in the building industry, Bellevue Floor Service has literally turned the building of hardwood floors into a form of art.


Hardwood Flooring, Stains and Finishes, Distressing Techniques, Wood Flush Vents, Cutting Options, and more.